Jimmy Ennis

Jimmy is a former Marine and retired Police Officer from Portsmouth, Va. He also served as Head of Security at the Norfolk Crime Lab in Virginia and is currently a criminal investigator for Virginia's Public Defender Commission in Portsmouth.
He is married, has three children and five grandchildren.  He is a graduate from Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth in 1968 and currently lives in Suffolk, Va.
Jimmy has been an avid singer in establishments throughout Virginia for twenty-five years. You will not find a more dedicated singer!  From the Bee Gees to the O'Jays … hardly a limit to his vocals!  He joined Breadwine and Blooze Band mid-2017.
This is one “Walking Tall” performer who puts his all-in-all into every performance.  As a compliment to BWB, Jimmy adds his own vocal skills to power-up any crowd into getting up and get to dancing! 
Out front and personal with the dancers has made a positive impact on them as he invites the dancers to sing along with the band.  Crowd participation is something many bands fail to do and Jimmy makes it a point to get all involved ... even inviting them onto the stage with the band. 

He has the knack for holding the audience captive with his tender vocals or raspy blues tunes.  Jimmy has a contagious personality and fits nicely with the other members.  Standing his ground in front of several to several thousand, his position is to convey a power-packed evening that leaves you wanting more!