BJ Urquhart

BJ started out by taking his first steps as a musician at age 5 by playing drums.  At age 7, he decided he wanted to take up bass guitar ... shortly after, he began tickling the ivory.

The vast majority of his musical influences came from his entire family, who were musically inclined, and by other Gospel musicians that he grew up listening to, especially the Faison Family.  They taught BJ so much by him watching and listening.  Under their aegis, he was inspired to do what he does now, which is loving God first and doing what God allowed him to do ... be the best he can be whether playing piano, drums or bass guitar.

BJ has an appreciation for all different types of music and this is evident, not only in his style of playing, but spot-on perfection not many keyboardists have.  His performances are punctuated with hard hitting hammer licks to more softer notes that still captivate you.  He is a musician that has to be heard to really appreciate the talent he has.