Breadwine & Blooze


Our mission is to provide
to our present and future clients a close relationship built on
honesty, respect and integrity. 
We continue to achieve a competitive advantage
over our peers by giving the very best in a professional manner every time … all the time!


We are available for company parties, festivals, street dances, corporate functions, Shag Clubs, fairs, weddings or most any event you require.

Performing in Eastern NC and Southside VA for a combined 325 total experience years, Breadwine & Blooze Band's main goal is to provide you with just the correct balance of songs and dance (shag, beach, country, blues, boogie, rock-n-roll) material for today’s discerning audiences.

Whether playing for 10 or 10,000, Breadwine & Blooze will make it their main goal to see you go home satisfied ... this highly motivated team has all the talent and experience you will ever need to get your guests (and even you) out of their seats and onto the dance floor!

For head-turning music, come hear David Barnes (bass), Bobby Beard (sax/harmonica/guitar/vocals), Jimmy Ennis (lead vocals), Tony Fornes (vocals/lead guitar), Rich Meinhardt (trombone), and BJ Urquhart (vocals/keyboards) …
you’ll be glad you did!